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There are many ways to unwind and relax. Some opt for a light afternoon jog around their neighbourhood to clear their minds, while others decide to spend a lazy day dressed in their PJs curled up in bed. Spring naturally brings out life's simplest pleasures - so for me, to relax means a blissful day spent at the Body Blitz Spa and wandering the bare streets of Toronto with my best friend. 
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Weekend at Stoney Lake
This past weekend was nothing short of amazing. I am blessed to have some great friends who kindly volunteer themselves to plan trips from start to finish and this weekend was no exception. We spent our time 2-hours away at a beautiful cottage on Stoney Lake doing what we do best: indulge in sweet and savoury foods, get golden by the picturesque lake, and have what seemed like countless rounds of Somersby. It was my first cottage experience and let’s just say I have fallen in love.
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Big city, little pleasures
While it’s nice to get away for the long weekend, I also have a great appreciation for low-key weekends in the city. As Terrance and I are both trying to save up for our futures, we are continuously seeking out little pleasures around the city that are both enjoyable and free.
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Summerlicious | Canoe
Rice lake
A weekend road trip down to Rice Lake is my definition of a classic summer day. It’s nothing extraordinary to be fishing on a pontoon and definitely far from glamorous, but nothing beats getting away from the city for a few hours of relaxation by the water. 
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