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In the city that never sleeps
There’s something about this city that just sparks and it’s not just the yellow lights that light up after dark. Although our exploration time around the sleepless city was limited, the perfect weather, the day-to-night parties and the to-die-for food (The Boiling Crab!!) made this trip exceptionally memorable. As we made our way from one hotel to the next, none of them failed to surprise us with their own individual themes unique to the hotel. The highlight of the trip would have to be the three-night Electric Daisy Carnival. While it wasn’t the most glamorous party in the city, it certainly was the most welcoming, amusing and full of life.
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Beachside romance
Even though we went with a big group this year, Terrance and I still managed some fun photos by the beach shore. Enjoyed another incredible vacation with you.
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After being away on vacation in Punta Cana, I’m finally back with a light tan! This year, instead of just going away on our own, Terrance and I joined 14 others to soak up some sun over in Dominican Republic. We stayed at Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort Casino/Spa for one week and enjoyed beautiful, sunny blue skies every day. With the company of great friends, we spent most of the trip either lounging by the pool, on excursions, playing foosball, or at the casino/disco. Above are just some photos from our first and last day by the beachside with the girls. Enjoy!
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Flowing softly
Brighter than the sun
Along the shore
Of all the summers, this summer has proven to be one of the best. Terrance and I spent the remnants of our summer vacation over in Cayo Coco, Cuba soaking up the sun, taking short strolls along the seashore, and drifting under the ocean with our snorkels. Above are a few photos from our second day at our beautiful resort - The view of the clear blue ocean was simply breathtaking. I’m still laughing at our attempt at the “Crazy, Stupid, Love” dirty dancing scene in the last photo.
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A dustland fairytale