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Coffee Stop
There's no place that I would rather be on a Sunday than inside of a coffee shop. I don't personally drink coffee, but any place where there is a chai tea latte (or matcha tea), I'm there! I finally had the chance to swing by Frank & Oak in Queen West for a shoot at their cafe. 
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Gold Stained
Spending most of my Thanksgiving long weekend lounging around at home because I don't get to do that enough on weekdays or even on regular weekends. I picked up this fun and flirty gold lip stained mug from a sample sale at work last week and have been in love with it since.  
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I love Sundays. It's my favourite day in the week, even though it's the day before the start of a new week and the Monday we all try to avoid. I love Sundays not only because I get to sleep in, but because I can wake up to an often sunlit room and feel immediately rejuvenated. It's a point of reflection for me and time for me to do everything that I love, such as read my magazines, catch up on my social media and blog feeds, and lay around doing simply everything I want or sometimes nothing at all.
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Sunday chic
In a city like Toronto, you can only imagine how a dreadful a typical winter can look and feel like. Between cheerless dark shades, endless layering upon layering, and a must-wear down-filled coat, it could require plenty of planning in order to create a winter-approved chic look. 
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