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Sunday News
Happy New Year everyone! It's the beginning of a new year and I'm excited for all that is to come in the next 12 months. 2014 was a busy and blurry year, but with that came an abundance of opportunities to work with various brands and people. To name a few:
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Weekend in Montreal
The roadtrip to Montreal this past weekend was just what the doctor ordered. We listened to the Serial podcast on our way there and back, which kept our minds off work and made the 5-hour long ride much more bearable. We traveled there with a very short itinerary which sometimes is an amazing thing for someone who has Type A personality and desire to make plans down to the minute. What we did have in our itinerary were Bota Bota, Old Montreal and their infamous poutine.
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Moments from 2013
Aney Meimoments Comments
Merry Christmas!
Today I turn 23. Not a tremendous amount has happened over the last year, but I can say that there has been quite a few pleasant and unexpected surprises as well as growth opportunities along the way. 
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Every summer, the girls gather for a simple garden party at our girlfriend’s place. Like all of the previous summers, for our 5th annual garden party we had a selection of small bites complete with our must have – sangria. It was a fun afternoon of sweet and savories, conversations and endless laughter.
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Big city, little pleasures
While it’s nice to get away for the long weekend, I also have a great appreciation for low-key weekends in the city. As Terrance and I are both trying to save up for our futures, we are continuously seeking out little pleasures around the city that are both enjoyable and free.
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