Little things | three scents

Three of my absolute favourite all-season scents, each for different occasions.

Roses de Chloé eau de toilette | my all-time favourite scent and my signature scent. The beautiful soft smell exudes romance and femininity and I like to save it for special occasions or to wear on weekends.

Chloé eau de parfum | A less overpowering and florally version of the Roses de Chloé. It's the classic Chloé with notes of pink peony, rose, honey and some more.

Jo Malone 'Wild Bluebell' cologne | perfect for everyday wear. It's very light, fresh and subtle enough for everyday wear to work. Smells like wild flowers with a hint of sweetness.


Two spritz is all it takes for the smell to linger on my skin throughout the day. I like to spray it on my left wrist and rub it against my right wrist, followed by my collarbone.

What's your favourite scent?