Thomas Sabo Autumn/Winter 2014

Thomas Sabo (1) copy Thomas Sabo (2) Thomas Sabo (2a) Thomas Sabo (3) Thomas Sabo (4) Thomas Sabo (6) Thomas Sabo (7) Thomas Sabo (8) Thomas Sabo (9)

The team over at Faulhaber Communications kindly invited me to the launch of the Thomas Sabo Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection yesterday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville. To be honest, I have never attended these types of events so I had no idea what to expect, but was thankful I had my best friend with me. After stepping in, we were immediately dazzled by the glistening gems that were encapsulated, and of course by the overflowing dessert table.

Many may recognize Thomas Sabo as the brand behind their classic Charm Club collection and otherwise feminine jewellery. This particular collection, however, was inspired by a new kind of elegance - rock & roll. There were a diverse range of rings, all of which were intricately designed and well-crafted. The focal point was around the karma beads as well as the rich statement stones, but I naturally gravitated towards the delicate and simplistic rose gold pieces (surprise, surprise!). The evening ended on an excellent note with a toast to new friendships and a belly filled with carbs and sugar!