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Morning Beauty (1)

Ever since I started working in an office setting, I felt almost compelled to put on my face every single morning. Yes - that means long gone are the days where I would simply climb out of bed, spend a couple of minutes getting ready in the bathroom and be on my way out to my morning classes. I have to admit though that a little makeup does go a long way in concealing your blemishes and dark circles.

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I'm nowhere near being an expert in the beauty space, but today I'm sharing with you a few of my beauty essentials to create a au natural, flawless looking complexion:

1. Stila stay-all-day foundation & concealer in "buff": If you haven't received your Colour IQ match at Sephora, you definitely should swing by to get your face scanned. The little tool generates an exact foundation match based on your skin tone, which is how I discovered this perfect foundation. The concealer and foundation duo is everything you need to create that flawless finish. It also comes with a mini brush for application, but I prefer using my fingers for precision. For someone who has oily or combination skin, this does the trick in giving you that semi-matte finish you're looking for.

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2. Anastasia brow powder duo in "dark brown": I wasn't blessed with thick dark eyebrows so I count on this brow powder duo to create beautiful and subtle brow effects. I've tried the Anastasia brow wiz pencil, but I found that it required more time and effort since my eyebrows are fairly sparse. The powder is long-lasting and fills in my brows entirely, while maintaining its naturalness.

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3. Stila stay-all-day liquid eyeliner: After my first wear, I knew that there was no turning back. Not only is it long-lasting and light, it is also smudge-proof, which is a must for those who have oily eyelids and are out for long hours. Also, if you love your cat-eyes, this will create impeccable wings in seconds!

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4. Maybelline illegal length waterproof mascara: Although hard to remove, I love a waterproof mascara that delivers natural-looking lashes. I've tried many waterproof mascaras, but I keep coming back to this drugstore product.

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5. NARS blush in "orgasm": While I wish that my cheeks were naturally flushed, it's not always possible without some assistance. A bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks does wonders for my skin especially since they appear discoloured in the colder months.

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6. Smith's rosebud lip balm: This is by far my favourite lip balm. It is very lightly scented and moisturizing - I have it in both the tin and tube and can't live without it!

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7. Chloe 'Roses de Chloé' perfume: Between the few Chloé sprays out there, this is definitely my favourite. The scent is very fresh, light and a touch sweet which is ideal for everyday wear. I find the scent of roses to be soft and subtle enough for the workplace.

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