"Those Lips"

Those Lips (1)
Those Lips (2)
Those Lips (4)
Those Lips (5)
Those Lips (6)

Jacket: Talula Babaton trench coat

Top: Zara lace-embellished shirt

Bottoms: H&M black jeans

Shoes: Zara lace slingbacks


Kate Spade 'paris and the single girl' book clutch

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and been suddenly inspired? I was perusing through some artwork online and I came across Edith Dora Rey's “Those Lips” oil painting (via Saatchi Art), and my first thought was Paris. So I decided to channel my inner Parisian woman and stepped out with my handy Kate Spade 'paris and the single girl' book clutch and painted my lips ruby red for an afternoon well-spent at Balzac's Coffee shop. By now, most of you may have caught on to my recent craze over red lips. Perhaps it's the pop of colour or the quirky smirk, but it instantly perks up a tired face and has never failed to brighten my mood. This may come off as a little strange, but I've always associated red lips with French women. Every French woman has their own unique story, but they all possess an understated and effortless elegance. The opportunity to visit Paris hasn't come my way yet, but I would love to witness how Parisian women embrace the less-is-more mantra. Here's my attempt at a parisian-inspired look, which is perfectly fitting in this kind of French-esque coffee shop setting.

Photography by Julia Tang