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Zara faux leather combination top

Bottom: Charlotte Russe faux leather leggings


Red Valentino ankle booties

Necklace: Club Monaco statement necklace

Bracelet: David Smallcombe cuffs (c/o)


Etsy gold twist ring

In a city like Toronto, you can only imagine how a dreadful a typical winter can look and feel like. Between cheerless dark shades, endless layering upon layering, and a must-wear down-filled coat, it could require plenty of planning in order to create a winter-approved chic look. Out of all the winters, this year’s was probably one of the worst. Many of you may have noticed that I have been publishing less style posts and this would be solely attributed to the unbearable -20 degree Celsius cold. When it's cold, dark and dreary outside, I find it quite difficult to do anything aside from curl up in bed. Thankfully for sunny mornings like today, I was able to stay indoors to catch up on months-old magazines and pull together a quick post.

Since discovering faux leather, I have been buying anything and everything combined with faux leather on a whim. There’s something about it that’s very edgy, but also classic and polished. I naturally gravitate towards darker colours in the wintertime so faux leather definitely adds a nice touch of softness.