Little things | wintry

Little things - Wintry (1)

pretty in white christmas tree and gold "A" decorative letter

Little things - Wintry (2)

Jo Malone in Wild Bluebell

| everyday wear featuring fresh, delicate scent of bluebells

Little things - Wintry (3)

Chloé 'Roses de Chloé' Eau de Toilette Spray

| subtle and beautiful rose scent for the weekends

Little things - Wintry (4)

elegant pair of

Red Valentino's

with lace trimming and velvet florals

LOULOU x Loose Button Fall Luxe Box

a curated LOULOU edition luxe box from the team over at

Loose Button

. My favourites from the bunch includes the Klorane dry shampoo, L'Occitane night cream & almond skin oil, and the long-lasting Be a Bombshell eyeliner.