Soft Lavender (1) Soft Lavender (2) Soft Lavender (3) Soft Lavender (4) Soft Lavender (5) Soft Lavender (6) Soft Lavender (7)
Top: F21 lavender peplum and cardigan
Bottom: H&M leggings
Shoes: Zara colourblock sandals
Bag: Prada saffiano tote
Bracelet: Saks Fifth Avenue gold gate link bracelet
Necklace: Stansberry Design gold stardust bead necklace

As we make the slow transition into Springtime, I have been pushing myself to wear more brights and pastels. Considering my recent black and white wardrobe palette, I wanted to freshen it up with the addition of some light pastels. After this lavender peplum purchase last spring, I have been on the hunt for more lavender pieces, which I luckily managed to find on Tobi. The city is lacking a burst of colour and there are still remnants of melting snow so I hope a pop of colour will bring in some blooms and blossoms.

Ever since my move into the real world, I have to admit that the frequency of my blog posts had been dwindling which I am incredibly apologetic for. It’s a little difficult to shoot throughout the workweek when it’s pitch dark the time I get home (which I'm sure a lot of the nine-to-five bloggers can relate to). However, with the help of daylight savings, I promise that I will make more of an effort to become an avid blogger in the approaching months. I’m extremely thankful to those who continue to show their full support by sending kindhearted e-mails and comments, or even by simply stopping by!