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Top: Forever 21 turtleneck
Bottoms: Forever 21 pants
Shoes: Zara patent flats
Bag: Prada Saffiano Lux tote
Scarf: Wilfred Marraine scarf in Charmant
Bracelet: Saks Fifth Avenue gold gate link bracelet
Ring: Etsy gold twist ring

It's hard to imagine that we are already in the middle of December when we have warm days like today with snow no where in sight. It gave me the perfect reason to pull out my pair of patent ballet flats for a day of holiday shopping at the mall. To add a little bit of contrast to my typical neutral attire, I wrapped around my neck my new favourite soft wool-blend scarf inspired by antique tapestry.

I hope that gift shopping is going well for everyone and that you're just as excited as I am for all the holiday festivities happening in the next few weeks!

Aney Meifall, outfit12 Comments