The Fifth

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{Forever 21 lace top and skirt; Mango bag; c/o David Smallcombe cuffs (buy here); Etsy rings}
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{The Fifth Grill & Terrace}

This week was filled with little frustrations here and there, but Thursday definitely turned things around when I met up with the MasterCard interns. It's always a great pleasure catching up with this incredible bunch so when we set a date for our dinner, it only made sense to attend one of the Priceless Toronto restaurants.

We made reservations at the Fifth Grill & Terrance, which is located on the rooftop of an old warehouse. When we arrived, we were escorted up to the patio by a private freight elevator - it was dark and scary, but nonetheless still pretty neat. The decor was great with the rustic appeal, but I can't say that the patio view was breathtaking since we were facing old building rooftops. Fortunately, the food wasn't all that bad - especially the side of mashed potatoes (not featured here), which is a must try. The overall experience was a little disappointing, but luckily we only paid half of what we were supposed to pay because of the Priceless Toronto offer exclusive to MasterCard cardholders. On its own, it's definitely way overpriced. We also felt a little out of place because of our lack of fine dining knowledge. I love how much of a handful we can be when we dine together. I cannot wait until the next interns outing!