Little things | bedroom decor

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Ikea Ribba frame and white chrysanthemum, random sparkling water glass bottle; Ikea Audrey canvas; Forever 21 sunnies, Ikea side table, Dollarama fish bowl; "Fallen" canvas painted by my best friend, Home Sense ballerina jewelry holder, Chapters jewelry box; DIY jewelry bulletin board

Here's a peek at what I have been occupied with in the past week. I have always wanted to rearrange and decorate my room, but with all of the moving in the last four years as a result of living away from home, it has been nearly impossible. I'm very pleased with what I have done so far and I'm beginning to really appreciate this small space. I love waking up to the natural lighting that flows through my white curtains in the morning!

Now all that I am missing is a vintage mirror vanity tray, a marble tulip bedside table, tufted headboard, some gold accents, and fashion/home decor hardcovers (yeah, that sounds like a lot). I've retrieved some of my inspiration from Pinterest so I would highly recommend visiting this site to anyone who is looking to redesign their own space.