HANA Titanium Flat Iron

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HANA Titanium Ionic Flat Iron 1.5”

The one thing that I depend on every morning (asides from my oatmeal cleanser) would be a good and reliable flat iron. Although my hair is usually straight after some quick blow-drying at night, I hate the slight waves that visit by the time I wake up in the morning.

Brian over at Misikko and I are working together again on a review for another HANA product. I was so pleased with the results of the HANAair Premier Hair Dryer that I couldn’t wait to test out this titanium flat iron.

"The all new Hana Titanium 1.5" Flat Iron is Hana's first step into the titanium world. With the world's smoothest surface plates, the Hana titanium flat iron has proven to provide up to 80% faster straightening. With a PTFC core heater, the Hana Titanium will not only heat up in as fast as 6 seconds but the Titanium plates will be able to retain this heat better than any other! Beat the humidity and beat those frizzy curls! You don't deserve second best and neither does your hair!"

After testing out the HANA Titanium Ionic Flat Iron 1.5” for well over two weeks, I can admit that I’m just as impressed by this HANA product (if not more). It has the smoothest titanium plates and uses a mirror surface instead of coated plates, which prevents dirt and scratches. I was actually hesitant when I decided to curl my hair with this since it’s slightly larger than other flat irons that I have used before. However, it does an amazing job and the curls lasts much longer (I didn’t use hairspray and it stayed curled for around 5-6 hours!). The adjustable temperature dial ranges between 140-450 degrees, but I feel that 230 degrees is sufficient for my thin strands of hair.

Please visit Misikko if you’re interested in finding out more about their product offerings!