Black and gold

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{F21 french terry jacket and faux leather leggings; Asos lace top and cocktail ring; Diane Von Furstenberg Asher belt; Zara booties; Mischa Barton clutch}

At this point, what I’m longing for most is the spring season. The dull and indecisive weather has left me resorting back to my black, white, and greys. Lately, I’ve noticed that I have been pairing this DVF belt with almost everything – it’s subtle, yet strikingly beautiful with its gold clasp. It can be worn over cardigans, blazers, and loose, flowy dresses to accentuate your waist. I have been waiting for it to go on sale, and when it finally did, I snatched it in a heartbeat.

The term busy would be an understatement for what has been going on in my final semester. As excited I am for everything that I have working towards, it has been nothing short of tiring and painful. It’s my final semester of my undergrad (yes, less than two months before I finally graduate with a Honours of Bachelor of Commerce degree!) and I am utterly drained, both mentally and physically. However, it only makes sense for me to put in my best effort to remind me that I do deserve to walk away with my degree. It’s shocking to see how fast time has flown by – I could remember it like yesterday when I was in my first year of university. It honestly feels rewarding to see how far I have come. I hope that for those who are also graduating this coming spring will feel the same!

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