End of {2011}

Just a brief recap of the year 2011. This year has been exceptionally exciting for me and filled with wonderful and unexpected surprises. I'm particularly thankful for being able to share these noteworthy moments with the special individuals around me. Along the shore (10)
Sweet escape to Cayo Coco, Cuba with my best friend. Lucky by Jason Mraz – this song speaks to us.
Late afternoon on main street (7)
Visit from a childhood friend from miles away.
Bittersweet (1)
A bittersweet end to a wonderful internship, which was an eye-opening experience at MasterCard Canada.
End of {2011} 1
Compilation of some outfit posts from this year, which further emphasizes my neverending love for neutrals.

Thank you all for being so supportive since my blog’s existence. I’m extremely appreciative for having such a consistent group of readers and frequent new visitors. This blog would be nowhere without your kind words and encouragement. I wish you all an exciting and safe new years eve – see you in the New Year!

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