Interview with Smashion

Smashion enables members to buy or sell lightly-worn or NWT (new with tag) apparel and accessories on a no-fees marketplace. The site is our eco-friendly response to the growing trend in wearing second-hand clothing and the lack of a community-based, fashion-focused online marketplace. We want to show closet recyclers that they don't have to go to consignment stores to sell their merchandise -- where they'll lose a huge chunk of their profits.

Vanessa, the marketing manager of Smashion (a social fashion site that features a free marketplace connecting people with a passion for fashion), was kind enough to contact me and interview me. Check out the interview here, or below.

What do you do when you're not blogging? What is your job?

Aney: I'm not the most exciting individual in my day-to-day life. Besides blogging, I'm either usually in school, studying or watching shows.

How would you describe your personal style?

Aney: In describing my style, I would have to say that it is very simple and feminine, consisting of blouses, trousers, and anything that is lightweight.

What is your nerdiest hobby?

Aney: I secretly enjoy reading my textbooks at the quiet study room in the library.

What would be the one fashion tip you would give to a friend?

Aney: Less is more (most of the time).

Where are you from and what are your top three favorite places to shop in your city?

Aney: I'm from Toronto and my top three favourite places to shop would be Aritzia, Zara, and H&M.

Three things in your closet you cannot live without:
Aney: 1. Loose Zara blouse 2. H&M pants that I happen to resort to all the time 3. Pair of comfortable TNA leggings

Biggest style splurge and/or deal:

Aney: Biggest splurge/deal would have to be the Chloe Elvire clutch that I picked up on my trip to NYC. Splurge in a sense that I purchased it within a matter of seconds at such an expensive price and best deal because I purchased it for $360 when the original price was well over $1000!

How are you able to stay fashionable without spending a lot of $$? What are your tips and where do you shop?

Aney: Pick out pieces that you can easily recycle throughout the week and accessorize with inexpensive jewelery! I shop at Aritzia, Zara, H&M, F21, and Asos online. I try to avoid making extremely expensive purchases unless I'm positive that it can be worn again/be paired with other items in my closet.

One trend you would like to never see again is:

Aney: I know that "flatforms" trend has yet to arrive, but I'm already not a fan of those brick shoes and hope that I won't be seeing too much of them in Spring 2011!

4 favorite fashion accessories:

Aney: 1. Statement necklace 2. Bangles and bracelets 3. Faux fur tippet 4. Chloe clutch

Don't forget to check out their site!