Sunday morning

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Zara printed blouse, H&M pants, Aldo shoes, Mischa Barton clutch, H&M bracelets

Waking up to a bright and sunny morning feels best. At least the suns out again and the wind has slowly weakened. Thankfully I decided to wear a pair of pants today and packed accordingly for reading week to brave through the never-ending winter season. I could only wish for Spring to last for this long.

I know that you guys are all tired out from seeing my Chloe Elvire clutch posts after posts so I made the effort to finally take out my Mischa Barton clutch that I have purchased off Asos. I’m currently obsessed over gold tones so anything with gold, I adore. I love the simple design of this clutch and the gold plate at the centre with a clip-over lock. I’ve also ordered a handbag from Mango two nights ago to get myself ready for the Spring season. I’m extremely eager to see this pearly-white beauty!
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