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Zara organic shirt, trousers, flats

Autumn is a beautiful season, but I would much rather have trees full of leaves than have to witness bare, naked branches every morning. The past week has been an unpleasant, hectic bundle of all sorts, but I’m feeling slightly at ease now. Sorry for the lack of attempt in putting together an outfit that is at least half-decent. I’m falling behind on the fall/winter pieces and can only get myself to pick up basics to complement my school wardrobe.

Picked up this adorable LV key pouch over the weekend even though it barely fits all my cards inside, but it satisfies my current obsession over key pouches… until I spotted a Marc by Marc Jacobs one lying around in Aritzia.

Restless weeks ahead, but at least Christmas is right around the corner and the annual Christmas gatherings with the dearest loved ones is something to look forward to! Have a lovely day everyone.
Aney Meifall, outfit28 Comments