Oh wind, won't you sweep me up into the sky

Turtle Jack's

I apologize for delaying my posts a lot frequent now, but I have been pretty much drifting in and out of the library the past week, either suffocating myself in a tiny cubicle inside the quiet study room with endless pages of readings or working with my group on our assignments. I can’t guarantee it, but I will try to slip in some time for a photo of my riding boots this weekend.

Celebrated a friend’s 21st birthday at Turtle Jack’s up in Hamilton. The atmosphere was kind of odd with walls adorn with paddles, canoe and fish, but the menu was decent. I ordered an entrée, which was the sundried tomato and goat cheese chicken with veggies and sweet potato fries as my sides. The chicken breast was too dry, but the sides were tasteful. It was kind of interesting to find that they served deep fried pickles (I’m not a fan of pickles, but it looked really good) and deep fried ice cream.

My hope to attend my first Nuit Blanche is not happening, yet again. I’m looking forward to my fellow Torontonian bloggers to post hundreds of photos so I can witness the beauty through my laptop screen though!

With assignments and midterms coming up right around the corner, I’m seriously drawn away from being motivated to plan out my twentieth birthday. I have already settled on sitting in at home on that Friday, after writing my midterm, for a night snuggled under my bed sheets all while watching a romantic comedy.