Little wonders

Insomnia Cafe

I'm completely drained from the busy, long weekend. As eventful as it was, I'm now left feeling isolated in my unscented room miles away from home, which is partially why I hate going back to Toronto sometimes. Bittersweet.

It was my first time dining around The Annex on Saturday. A few friends and I celebrated one of our girlfriend's twentieth birthday at Insomnia Cafe, which is a restaurant, bar, and lounge. I was hesitant about posting these photos since most of them are horrible in terms of quality, but what the hell. The atmosphere was a bit clustered (however, calm and cozy) with little walking space, but nonetheless, beautiful. The walls were decorated with framed photographs for sale and the ceilings were adorn with string of lights and dimmed lighting fixtures. I'm also set on getting myself a round glass vase, along with a large fake daisy. I've been inspired. The only factor that has left me feeling totally creeped out is the eyeball that they use to replace the "o" in "Insomnia". They didn't have a wide selection of items on their menu, but the food was delicious and inexpensive. I ordered the Avocado Grilled Chicken Sandwich topped with melted brie and yam fries as my side for just $10. It tasted like a sweet mouthful of Heaven on a toasted sandwich bun. Hope the birthday girl had a memorable twentieth and loved all her presents, although now she has to go through the hassle of exchanging the Tiffany & Co. ring from the girls to something of choice (her boyfriend ended up getting her the exact same ring! At least he was able to give it to her first. Phew). It was unfortunate that we were not able to go to Snakes & Lattes due to the large line-up waiting for seats at the same cafe. And this is why they need more board game cafes' in Toronto. I was really looking forward to it. Really.

I have been pretty swamped with assignments and group projects lately, and with midterms coming up ahead, you probably won't find me reporting too much in the next few days (or perhaps even weeks). I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, whether it be with your friends, family, or your significant other, and are bundled up in layers of clothing ready for the cold, cold Autumn.