Wasn't it beautiful runnin' wild 'til you fell asleep

H&M top and trousers, Zara loafers

Feels like the only time I had in the past week was enough for me to light up a vanilla-butter scented candle and relieve the built up stress to Taylor Swift’s “Innocent”. I have been kept busy and awake to be bothered by all the readings and extra curriculars in order to stay ahead. I apologize for my absence and lack of replies/posts, but do expect more (or should I say less) coming ahead.

I wish I could be less of an anxious kind of individual, but I don’t expect to see a sudden change ahead. The stomach filled with butterflies won’t seem to disappear. I always seem to be stressing myself over nothing. I’m the type of person who would worry over an exam after having it written. Not exactly the person you would like to hang around upon finishing a final (ha).

At least my weekends aren’t exactly the worse. I managed to spend quite a bit of time over the weekend with Terrance and the rest with my family. Terrance and I, along with his best friend tried Ippai, a Japanese fusion cuisine for the first time. It was quite similar to Guu in terms of the dishes they had, but they also had their infamous ramen and sushi bar. I ordered the Japanese fried udon with salmon, a set of dynamite rolls, and an order of vegetable tempura. Terrance ordered the level four spicy ramen, which was possibly the worse decision he ever made in life. He barely finished it and had to water it down with hot water. His friend also ordered the spicy ramen, but he made a wiser choice and left it as it was. Overall, the experience was great (I would prefer Guu though) and I would definitely return for the combo for two.

I also purchased a pair of Michael Kors Carney riding boots after thinking long and hard about it. Having tried it on for four times has got to mean something. I’m still waiting for them to arrive at the store, but once I pick it up I’ll share it with you guys.

Oh, and yes I have finally dyed my hair dark brown :)!
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