So have you been to a place like this to see your breath as it paints against the sky

The last days of summer are approaching and I’m glad, for a lack of better words, to be spending them with my dearest friends, family, and boyfriend.

Second time in New York City in the last month and although it doesn’t feel much different from the first in terms of the brutal bus ride and places we visited, it was sweet having him there with me. Even though we couldn’t take a stroll down to Time Square, it was lovely walking down the streets nearby the harbour to notice the difference between Toronto and New York City. We found ourselves wandering along a street with a road filled with tables and chairs. I’m not exactly sure why considering that there weren’t any restaurants or cafés, but something about it made the city feel so much more romantic.

I also stumbled upon a Tiffany & Co. store down Wall Street and drifted around the area awaiting the opening of the store. I picked up the Return to Tiffany bead bracelet within a matter of ten minutes. It was unfortunate that we were short on time. Otherwise, it would have been lovely to stay. The golden lights and crystallized embellishments were remarkable. I suppose the short amount of time we spent wandering the streets away from the shopping outlets was a worthwhile preview of the beautiful city.