Late morning lullaby

Zara knitted sweater, F21 skirt, Chloe Elvire clutch

In love with this newly purchased knit sweater from Zara (the elbow patches are so cute!). Besides being able to wear this knitted sweater out, I'm not all that thrilled for fall to arrive.

The first week of school has started for me so I’ve been organizing everything for my classes. Surprising enough, I’ve been kind of eager for classes to start despite having to wake up early in the morning. I suppose it is different when you’re waking up for a subject that you’re actually interested in. I'm sort of looking forward to spending most days in the quiet room at the library since it's the only place where I can find myself focusing. And in case you're wondering, I'm in my third year studying Commerce (if I haven't mentioned already in my previous posts). I'm in between nervous and excited to being somewhat close to finishing university, but more so the former since I have no idea what I will find myself doing upon graduation. Hopefully I will have it all figured out by next year.

Sort of stuck with typing these pointless posts since nothing interesting has been happening. Oh well.
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