Where dreams are made

After three days of exhausting, countless hours spent on the bus and shopping in New York, I’m finally back and feeling at ease. At one point, I actually wished that I was back in Toronto because of the long, painful hours on those uncomfortable seats. It practically felt as though I paid to sit on the bus for hours, but I didn’t mind it too much since I was able fill up most of those hours with a book, music, and snacks. I fell asleep for the most part since we had to wake up to start the day at 5:30AM every morning. I didn’t really get much sightseeing in since it was mainly a shopping tour and most of the sightseeing was done on the bus. For all that I witnessed, New York City is a beautiful place with the heightened high fashion street style, tall buildings, yellow cabs, and busy streets from dawn until dusk. Hopefully my next visit wouldn’t be as limited so I can take a glimpse of the rest of the city since I wasn’t able to the last two times I went to NYC (the view from the bus isn’t enough).

As for the purchases, I decided against splurging on clothing and picked up mostly accessories. The most worthy, and somewhat impulse purchase that I made was towards the Chloe Elvire clutch in tommette. The original price was $1,070, but went on sale for $695.50. However, there was an additional sales promotion that day with 40% off and another 20% off since I had a VIP discount from coming along with a tour and received the clutch for $360. By far, my best purchase even though I had a limit of $400 (obviously I didn’t follow it and spent an additional $200 on top). The lighting altered the colour of the clutch, but it's suppose to be a dark-rosy colour. A few other pieces that I picked up includes a Saks Fifth Avenue necklace, French Connection statement necklace and sheer navy dress, Coach coin purse, Burberry boxers (for Terrance), and two pairs of BCBG over the knee opaque tights in cream and black. I’m hoping to pick up the MK gold watch and Prada loafers the next time I’m back, which will be at the beginning of September (crosses fingers*).