When the clouds are gone not a shadow in sight

A few photos from the other night sitting sky high on the rooftop patio of Joey’s with Jess and Michelle. I ordered the lobster grilled cheese with a side of sweet potato fries, while Jess had the baja fish tacos and Michelle had the hi-rise mushroom cheddar burger. The sunset was lovely to witness. Watched the well-lighted sky darken as what was left of the sun spread across the clouds for its last time before it was swallowed up by the night.

I’ve been spending the last week waking up early in the morning for hot yoga or work, which explains my absence from blogging and replies to all your lovely comments.

Oh, forgot to mention about the drinks. Mich and I had the pomegranate mojito and Jess had the mint mojito.

P.S. it was lovely meeting you Jess (officially this time haha)!