Wilfred tank and belt, Forever 21 cardigan, lace shorts, Saks Fifth Avenue necklace, Spring shoes, Chloe Elvire clutch

I can’t get over how exquisite this Chloe Elvire clutch looks. The perfect colour covering a delicate patent material. I'm also adoring the necklace that I picked out from Saks Fifth Avenue when I was in New York. The smooth stone embroidered chain necklace adds elegance to any outfit.

Likely going to be spending another rainy afternoon at Chapters/Starbucks with Terrance. Hoping to pick up a few good reads to keep myself busy for the rest of summer.

Forgot to mention how bummed out I am about the Northern lights that I missed last night. It was supposedly a coronal mass ejection of energy which burst out of the sun and pointed directly towards Earth. A view of the beautiful, glistening lights would have been amazing. Waited all night for the lights that never appeared.. until the morning of when the skies lit up. I should have known not to fall asleep.