Beautiful things can come from the dark

French Connection dress worn as a shirt, H&M pants, Chloe Elvire clutch, JC flats

I’ve been lusting for a piece that is silky, light, and sheer ever since coming across Miu Miu’s Spring RTW 2010 collection. The most graceful feature would probably be the sheer sleeves on a light mesh fabric with embellishments around the neckline. Instead of a crystal embroidered sheer dress, this dress adds a twist of colourful beautification on a dark, rather than nude piece. If only I had known earlier that this dress came in white as well.

Terrance and I had dinner at Guu last evening on their patio, which was honestly a better choice than the dining room since we were able to take in the summer breeze. Tried their berry sake red sangria, which was good for the most part, but it lacked some simple syrup. Slightly satisfied with my recent Guu cravings, but I’m still waiting to try the rest of the items on their menu.

After dinner, we drove over to the docks when the night sky was setting in to catch a late night movie at their drive-in. We watched “The Other Guys”, which was a decent action-comedy film, but I think I would have rather settled for “Dinner for Shmucks”. I found myself diverting from the screen and instead to the sky to catch the stars for the most part. We managed to catch a glimpse of a shooting star (well, two for him), which was probably from the remainders of the meteor shower that appeared the night before.