Two sweethearts and the summer wind

H&M sweater (brother's), F21 tights and bird necklace, Zara loafers

Spent an easy afternoon with him at a nearby ribfest and carnival, which replaced our original picnic plans. I'm really hoping to devote at least a day this summer towards having homemade cupcakes and sandwiches out at a park under the sun. The last time I ever had a picnic would probably have been in grade 7 with a few girlfriends. Four young little girls sitting out on the grass with sandwich-filled lunch boxes and Smarties. I miss living such a carefree life. We used to run around without a single worrisome thought. The beaches, swimming pool, 7-way calls until the morning light seeps through the window blinds, countless webcam photos, bathroom photo shoot with the toilet, and the creation of our "rock band" as a result of a garage sale failure on a rainy day memories feels so close to me. I'm thankful for still having the same (more or less) sweet bunch of friends.

A few photos from his birthday at Toula, which I completely forgot to post about a month ago. I can almost recall the savory taste of the beef tenderloin and grilled atlantic salmon over lemon and parsley risotto.