F21 corset, lace top, and shorts, Zara belt and loafers

A Thursday afternoon with him, laying out under the sun with homemade sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, and a bottle of strawberry Wild Vines.

Filling in the summer with tonnes of random films and attempting to cross off everything on my to-do list. Finished watching Chloe, which was a strange film but I admire Amanda Seyfried's acting and it was filmed in Toronto! Also squeezed in time to watch Dear John, even after hearing plenty of bad reviews. I thought the film was sweet and didn't mind how slow it was.

In other news, New York City in two weeks. I'm pretty excited for this little shopping tour since I've been waiting to leave the city for the longest time now. I'm dreading the long bus ride though so hopefully I can make a trip over to Chapters to pile up on magazines and some summer reads.

Can't wait to share the few new pieces I picked up recently. Hopefully I'll have time for another post tomorrow.