Swallowed in the sea (DIY Miu Miu Collar)

DIY Miu Miu sparrow collar, F21 top, Talula lace bralette, Zara shorts and belt, Aldo wedges

You will need:
A pair of scissors
A dress shirt (the collar)
A printer
Iron transfer on sheets
An iron
A pillowcase

1. Cut out a collar from a dress shirt (preferably, one that has been used and that you don’t mind cutting up).
2. Pick a template. You can use: this or this. You can either add colour to it using photoshop or leave it as it is if you are printing it onto a dark coloured collar. When finished, print out the template on an iron transfer on sheet (usually best if you test it a few times before hand using the normal 8x11 blank paper in order to find the perfect size).
3. Cut the print out.
4. Check for fit.
5. Position your transfer image face down on the collar.
6. Lay your collar on a pillowcase on a firm, hard surface.
7. Iron the print onto the collar using firm pressure for about 15-20 seconds.
8. When the collar is cool, gently peel the paper from the back.

I love this easy Miu Miu DIY. The collar works as an accessory piece and you can pair it with almost anything. Of course, it would be slightly harder for me since I decided on changing the colour of my sparrows to pink. Well, I am hoping to make the cat collar eventually. It was my initial plan, but I decided against it since everyone has been doing a DIY on the cat print. Haha, I originally called the bird prints “swallows” until I realized the template I used were actually “sparrows”. Either way, they both have wings so it doesn’t really matter.

I swear I have been living off of the same few pieces: lace top, lace bralette, trousers, bustiers, trouser shorts, and leggings. I apologize for the lack of freshness in my outfits. I’m pretty sure many of you have witnessed the same items thrown around in multiple posts of mine. When I love a piece, I wear it until it tears so bare with me!

I feel as though I’ve been posting quite a bit lately. My beloved blog, I love you too much. Either that or I just have to fill in my spare time in the afternoon before leaving for work.