Spring farewell

F21 lace top, H&M trousers, Wilfred belt, Jeffrey Campbell flats, Vintage purse

Lets all bid farewell to the last day of spring. I’ve long waited for summer to come and now that it’s here, I finally feel as if I can embrace the long summer break without a single thought of school (well, at least for the next two months).

Here are some shots I snapped with my new 50mm f/1.8 II lens before my AF failed me and now it’s being shipped back to Canon for 4-6 weeks of repairs. It pretty much defeats the purpose of purchasing a new lens for the summer when it’s going to be in the hands of a repairman for the next month. I can’t even exchange or return the lens since they are clueless of the cause. So much for “love it or leave it” within 15 days of purchase.

On a lighter note, Terrance and I celebrated our one year anniversary yesterday to make up for our actual anniversary (last Tuesday) which we missed since I had an upcoming exam to study for. Nonetheless, we spent a heartwarming day together at Main St. Unionville and back at his house barbecuing and making a coconut cream pie. The pie turned out great.. surprisingly. I’m such an amateur when it comes to baking, but it was worth the effort and he liked it! The weather network is such a disappointment considering that it didn’t rain until the evening. Our picnic trip could have happened, but we will have to save the homemade cupcakes, sandwiches, and laying on the grass under the sun for next time. He rediscovered his sweetness when he gave me a long stem rose, card (even though it sent chills down my spine with the corny love music playing inside), and video . Can you tell that we have a deep attachment to dinosaurs and Edward Monkton? I can finally admit defeat for our stop motions battle. His is much cuter with all the dinosaurs. I hope he enjoyed the card that I gave him. I’m not all that sweet so the most I did was make him a card by mimicking Edward Monkton’s “A Lovely Love Story” book out of construction paper.

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Father's day!