She pours a daydream in a cup

F21 lace top, H&M trousers, Wilfred belt, Jeffrey Campbell flats, Vintage purse

I’m thrilled for the arrival of summer now that I’ve completed my last exam for spring school. I hope it’s not too late to be making reservations for Summerlicious 2010 (oh wait, nevermind - forgot that reservations don't begin until June 24th!) I missed my opportunity last year and the previous years to pig out at multiple restaurants at a cheaper and affordable price.

Considering that I’m too young to have the money to splurge on designer clothing, I’m hoping to do a diy on the Miu Miu collar soon so I’m looking forward to picking up some iron transfer on sheets and collared shirts. Oh, and I’ve finally learned how atrocious a credit card can possibly be. I thought I was able to manage one, but having realized that I was only able to pay off half of it this month makes me want to grab a pair of scissors, cut it up, and throw it away.

On a happier note, the wait for my vintage purse is now over. It's the perfect size and I love the colour. In addition, I also purchased a new lens recently (Canon EF50mm f1.8 II) so I'm excited to take it out soon. It's a shame that the weather always end up interfering with my plans. Terrance and I were supposed to have a picnic over at Centre Island tomorrow afternoon to celebrate our one year anniversary, but now we've resorted to plan b, which is another day to delight ourselves in a home cooked meal and a coconut cream pie perhaps?