Wilfred bustier, F21 shorts and cardigan, JC flats, Mango satchel

Finally breathing in some Spring air. Spent away last week’s sunny weather indoors studying while others probably dug their toes in the sand down at the beach. Had lunch with my boyfriend today at some bakery place and picked up some macarons. They looked so tempting in the package. Unfortunately, they did not taste as pleasing as I expected, but what did I expect from a Chinese bakery that is attempting to make/sell french macarons? Lesson learned: looks can be deceiving. Terrance took me to a park that he found while biking and it was beautiful. I love the fact that only a few knew about this place so it wasn't crowded like Main St.

I’m hoping to get out of the city for a few days over the summer break. Something nature filled would be lovely – perhaps camping. I’ve never been a huge fan of camping, partially because of my fear of insects and bears (if there are any) coming to your tent in the middle of the night. I would love to enjoy the dreamy night sky where you can lay on the ground and stargaze though and waking up the next morning for a walk down to the nearby beach to catch a glimpse of the early morning sunrise (or the sunset later in the evening). I just want to free myself from the everyday life crowded with people, traffic, noise, and distractions. I wouldn’t mind surrendering myself to nature for a few days where I am just surrounded by birds, butterflies, dandelions, grass, lakes, and sand. I’ve also always had this desire to jump into a lake just while the sun is setting. Of course, I’ve never come close to doing such probably because the dirtiness of the water usually comes to mind first.

I’m going to cherish the next few days of sunshine before I prepare myself for an upcoming weekend of rain. Beaches, fireworks, ice cream, blue skies .. yes, yes, yes.