Community bustier, Wilfred cardigan, H&M pants and belt, F21 bird necklace, MK shoes

It feels like I have been recycling the same pieces over and over again. I've been living off of these MK heels only because I left all other pairs of heels up at mac. I've also been having a bustier craze lately as you all may have noticed and it's practically all that I've been wearing. Found this pair of H&M pants lying around in my closet and decided to give them another shot. I've been trying to find some spring (bird) prints, but I haven't came across anything that is utterly eye-catching.

Had dinner at the Nami Japanese Seafood Restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday today. The atmosphere was lovely since we got the private room and got to experience the traditional Japanese culture by taking off our shoes before getting seated. Personally, I feel that nothing warrants the price there. Shared the sushi moriawase and chirashi sushi dish with my bf for $65 and the quality of the sushi and sashimi wasn't all that great. Definitely did not get my money's worth.