Dust on a butterfly's wing

Talula floral bustier, cardigan, fedora, F21 denim shorts, H&M brown belt

I have a slight feeling that I will become glued to these wedges for the next while. I finally got the chance to step outside with these and they were surprisingly comfy and bearable. I don't own many pairs of shoes which I find comfort in after walking in them for a few hours so I'm glad to have picked them up. Oh, and I finally purchased a fedora after searching long and hard for one that fits perfectly on my head. The semi-blended in black bow was a plus.

Spent this lovely day with some of my favourite girls and their boyfriends. Walked down Queen st. W and indulged in some more macarons (of course) at Nadege Patisserie. I love the simple, modern decor and how I couldn't stop drooling over the desserts immediately after stepping into the tiny shop. Took a bite into the salted caramel and loved it. I also tried the pistache and cappuccino but they were way too sweet. I would have much preferred the pistachio flavoured macaron from La Bamboche. I do regret not having had tried their tarts and croissants though.

We made reservations for an evening at O Noir. The purpose of this restaurant is to dine in the dark and to learn what it is like to be blind. The dining room is pitch dark, without any sort of lighting, which means no matches, no glow-in-the-dark items, and no cellphones. What was even more overwhelming was to find that the servers were also blind. The most difficult part was to step aside from the light and into the darkness. We had to stand in a line and place our left hand on the person's shoulder in front. We basically had to depend on one another just to get ourselves into our seats. We were served bread and butter and everyone pretty much had the worse time buttering their buns. The butter completely dropped out of my plastic container and landed on the table which I continuously touched every five minutes. Our main course arrived and I dreaded every second of it since I was placing nothing in my mouth but my fork. Well, until I finally gave in and used my hands. I ordered the filet mignon with vegetables and potatoes and it was delicious, but not as filling as we all hoped. For those who didn't order the starter dishes, ordered the surprise dessert. We all ended up with the chocolate truffle, but it wasn't anything spectacular. It was way too sweet and chocolaty. As I did prefer some lighting to feel a bit more safe and secure, it was interesting to get a brief insight of how life would be like if I were to be blind.