La Bamboche

Went over to Shops at Don Mills yesterday with tl to drop off a resume. The wind and rain pretty much discouraged us from walking around any longer.

On a lighter note, after holding it off for months, we finally went to La Bamboche for some delightful macarons and sweets. It was my first time trying macarons and they were definitely worth $2.50 each. They were as delicious as they look in these photos. A second round is a must and by the end of the summer, I'm sure I will have tried almost all 12 flavours. I ordered the pistachio and mint chocolate, but the mint chocolate did not taste as pleasing as I would have thought. I assumed it would taste as great as Chapman's mint chocolate chip ice cream, but definitely did not. On the other hand, the pistachio macaron was a satisfying treat though. I didn't read a review until after I came home to find that the pistachio was actually one of their popular flavours. The lavendar was the next popular flavour and I regret not having tried that instead. My bf had a fruit tart filled with berries which was also a luscious sweet. La Bamboche is a great place to pick up a light treat with either your significant other or a good friend. They hold a small selection of goodies, but I honestly went there specifically for their french macarons. Although the petite pastry shop is almost impossible to find, it is definitely worth looking out for. The macaron pyramid was the most alluring ornament.

Caught him randomly fiddling with a used sweetener packet and thought he was simply tearing it up since I'm such a bore. He teared our first initials and neatly assembled it on my plate with the letter "n" in between. He's such a sweetheart.