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Met up with one of my close friends for lunch yesterday. He lives down my street so it wasn't long before we began filling each other in on our lives. We had lunch at Moxies and their food was surprisingly good. I've always imagined their food to be similar to Jack Astor's, but it was better. I have been to Moxies countless times, but I found myself only ordering appetizers from there. This time, I ordered a virgin daiquiri and the seafood linguine and he ordered the steak. It was refreshing to be able to catch up with an old childhood friend about pretty much everything.

After lunch, I met up with the bf and headed to downtown Toronto. Sadly, we couldn't walk down Queen st. with the messy rain and decided to stay inside the Eaton Centre. Walked across to the AMC theatre to catch Iron Man 2. The movie is a definite must watch. To my surprise, it was a pretty awesome movie since I have not seen the first Iron Man. Walked over to Marble Slab in the pouring rain to grab a quick sweet after the two hour film. Without doubt, this is probably one of my favourite dessert shops. If it wasn't for the price, it would probably be my most favourite (I have no idea how we ended up paying $17 for ice cream).

On another note, my job search begins yet again today. I'm tired of going back to Spring Rolls (a Pan-Asian cuisine that serves Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese food) since bartending is completely irrelevant to what I wish to do in the future. I hope that my attempt to find a job at Shops at Don Mills today will be successful. If all else fails, I'll resort to the good old Spring Rolls for a last minute employment (considering that the manager told me to go back to work for him yesterday when I bumped into him at the mall). Oh, looking forward to trying out some delightful macarons at La Bamboche today down at Yonge and Eglinton.