In the wake of spring

Community bustier, UO skirt, tights, H&M brown belt, Jeffrey Campbell flats

Outfit from last week. I apologize for the many posts with my JC flats. I'm afraid that these photos will not do them justice. They're extremely cute and goes with practically all of my outfits. Oh, and they're my only pair of flats that I am willing to wear. I gave up on flats for an entire year because they wear and tear in such a short period (not to mention how uncomfortable and painful they are to walk around in). I found a soft spot for them again after spotting this pair online. These flats are still slightly uncomfortable to walk in, but my feet is slowly adjusting to the fit. Last two photos are from over the weekend - crackers with marble cheese and sweet chili tuna.

I believe I can finally say that Spring is here. The weather has been nothing but lovely lately. I bundled up this morning expecting it to be chilly since the weather has been quite bipolar lately. One day it would feel like spring and the next would feel like winter. Surprisingly, I stepped outside and it was so warm to the point where I felt extremely silly for wearing layers of clothing and a scarf. I have been looking over my blog posts and took in that all I ever talk about are the following: bf, weather, school, and food. I can't really say that I have an interesting life haha. Perhaps my life will lighten up over the summer and there will be more to talk about besides the above mentioned. In the meantime, back to memorizing terms to prepare myself for tomorrow nights' exam.