Morning haze

American Apparel dress, tights, F21 cardigan, F21 scarf, Jeffrey Campbell flats

Woke up this morning to gloom. I checked the time and it was already 11am. I despise the constant change in weather. Will the sun come back already? The rain and gloom tends to depress me. I am looking forward to spending the weekend with my boyfriend though. Although we won't really get to hang out with finals coming up meaning that we have loads to study for, we'll enjoy each others company. I have finally posted up photos with my JC flats. They're extremely cute with the darling ruffles and studs. I've been wearing them almost everyday, but I'm still waiting to finally break into them. Oh, the carrot cake that my housemate made last night was delicious. I couldn't help but have three squares of them.

Such a lazy day, I doubt I'll head out to the school to study since it's pouring. I'll just stay cozy and study indoors. Good luck with exams lovelies!