Zara blazer, Community bustier, lace shorts, F21 tights, MK shoes

Made my first boyfriend blazer purchase over the past weekend and I’m extremely satisfied. Picked up this Zara blazer, tried it on, and loved it.

I’m glad that the beautiful sunny weather is back once again and it’s here to stay for the entire week. Pure blue skies seem to lighten up my mood every time. The past weekend consisted of gorging myself with food and desserts. Went out on a date with the bf on Saturday (yes, we still do dates) and had sushi at Maison du Japan. No photos were taken because I left my camera at home – it was pretty much pointless for me to lug my slr back to Toronto over the weekend just to lug it back with two photos of some sugar cookies I made. Spent the night watching Shutter Island at my place after dinner, which was pretty enjoyable though I would have much rather preferred watching Valentine’s Day over a psychological mystery thriller. Nonetheless, a well spent four day weekend with family and friends. Oh, wish I could have shot some photos of the dessert I had at The Sugar. Haven’t had desserts there since the summer and I have to say, they have the best Chinese dessert, hands down.