Heart of romance

A romantic evening spent with him celebrating our first Valentine's day and our eight months together. By far, the best Valentine's day. A night filled with endless surprises (kinda, since I can pretty much ruin all of his surprises bahaha). After four months since we talked about him cooking up a nice meal for me, he has finally done so. He prepared a night with lit up candles and a delicious 3-course meal. Nothing better than a home cooked meal, along with a film. Oh, and course some wine - the bitterness of it just kills me, but ahh wells. Have I mentioned that he's a pretty good chef? The salmon he made was amazing, though he didn't think so. Strawberry crepes from scratch at midnight tastes bomb. Our trip to Montreal this Thursday should be exciting and I'm definitely looking forward to all the photos I will be taking since my braces will be off! Any suggestions as to where I can go while I'm there? I haven't been there since I was ten and not a single memory of Montreal sticks out from then. Anyways, I hope all of you enjoyed your Valentine's day as well!
Aney Meifood33 Comments