Wilfred pocket tank, Wilfred bra, H&M trousers, Wilfred leather belt, Zara lace-up wedges

Seriously considering painting my room white and rearranging everything over the Summer break. I'm looking for something more neutral and soft. I find myself awakening to a dark, dull room every morning. Or, perhaps I should just wait until I get my own place considering that I'm only renting this place for school now that I'm away from home. It's such a difficult decision to make since it takes so much time and effort having to move everything out just to repaint the room white, which by the way, isn't the colour it was before I painted it taupe. Otherwise, I would probably feel pathetic painting my room back to it's initial colour. The tenant previously had the room covered in an olive green, which was really hard on the eye.

I'm slightly amazed at myself with how I can manage to fill in another post after two back-to-back midterms, with 1.5 hours of sleep. I swore I said to myself that I would come back and pass out right away. Well, I'm probably just trying to get the most out of my weekend, doing something. The next few weekends will be hell for me (I wouldn't even consider them weekends anymore), with it being spent indoors bubbling in scantrons - oh joy. I would rather write my midterms on weekdays so I can at least enjoy the weekend. I will most likely be loafing around in my room today and catching in on some films just to break away from all the studying I've done in the past few days. At least the boyfriend will be here by midnight to accompany me since all my housemates left for the weekend.

Oh, the weather's terrible over here - there's so much snow! I wish it would just melt already so I can enjoy the sunlight without the flurries.
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