You're the one thing I'm missing here

H&M shirt, AA lace bodysuit, Cheap Monday jeans

Last day in Toronto before heading back to McMaster at night. Met up with two of my favourite girlies for bubble tea (and had a what you may call a "triple date"). Felt for something different today so asides from ordering the usual strawberry yogurt with tapioca, I went for a coconut milkshake with lychee coconut jelly - delish. Horrid photos as a result of my refusal to use anything else but the Program mode just so I can get the lighting I wish for - I'll get the hang of it eventually. Wish I could have spent more time with them, but I had to leave for Hamilton. Cooked up another pasta dish with cream of chicken, diced chicken, and mixed veggies for the hungry hippo (aka, my bf). Had hot chocolate yet again (for the sixth time in a row now) and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Typical, he fell asleep on me right after dinner from itis I suppose and due to his every morning awakenings at 7AM. I should probably fall asleep now as well, goodnight lovelies!