Perfectly imperfect

F21 sheer blouse, Wilfred bandeau, Wilfred leather belt, H&M trousers, Aldo shoes, F21 gold bracelet

Lectures resume today so I had the sudden urge for dressing up a little (even though I didn't even end up taking off my jacket). My excitement for the first day of classes eventually led to emotions of anger. The OSAP loan pick-up line was brutal. Never would have expected it to be a two hour wait since it took only seconds at the beginning of the first semester when I went. Asides from that, it felt as if I ran a marathon, literally. Lecture halls were being switched last minute so I had to run from one end of the campus to the other. Oh right, and the OSAP pick-up in addition to the lecture hall being switched caused me to be late for my first finance lecture by 20 minutes (the lecture ended within the next 6 minutes after I got there). Hectic afternoon for me, but I'm glad I'm back at the house now doing the usual - movie and food.

I should probably get planning for my trip to NYC for reading week with him, otherwise it wouldn't happen at all. I still can't really decide on whether or not to put it off until the Summer time and just head over to Montreal for a few days instead. I would much prefer being in a nice little city on a warm, Summer's day than in the freezing cold - but I've been so eager to go after seeing multiple of posts by various bloggers. What do you guys think I should do? Should I go to New York City in the middle of Winter or head over when the place is nice and warm?