Florals and lace

F21 lace tank, Talula lace bra, Talula skirt, F21 bangles, Aldo heels

A girls night out mission with the housemates and a few girlies to the mall last night. Picked up this cute floral printed skirt at Aritiza along with another pocket tank. Ran around the mall as if we only had minutes left as it was slowly clearing out to close (we had two hours lol). The original intent was to help pick out a dress for a friend's 21st birthday, but somehow we ended up splitting at the mall. Fortunately, she was able to pick out a lovely dress after trying on a gazillion of dresses, twenty minutes before closing (talk about good timing, right?). The rest of the day and night will dedicated towards some intense reading (procrastination kills). Waiting on tomorrow to come - a night filled with fun and love, yayy. Our student group organized an event, titled "Shiver" and it will be hosted at the bar/club on our school campus so hopefully that will be a success. / So he and I have decided that we probably won't be heading over to NYC for the reading week and have left that adventure for the Summer. Wish Winter never existed .. I hate the cold weather.