A dark ensemble

Talula Babaton virgin wool & cashmere coat, leggings, leather faux fur cuff gloves, Zara TRF bag, Aldo shoes

A dark gray ensemble for a Winter's day. Bought this wool coat last Friday that I've been dying for since forever, but never got around to purchasing it. The beautiful weather and sunshine makes me wish Summer was here.

I've been browsing around for internships lately and landed on one that caught my attention immediately. Fashion marketing intern in New York, doesn't that sound exciting? So, I'm possibly considering it for the Summer of 2012 after graduation, as much as I want to go after third year (I just read that you have to have spent 4 years in university to be eligible, shucks). Just thinking about it gives me little butterflies, bwahaha. Hopefully it will turn out.. it would be a breathtaking experience!

Oh oh oh, and amazing news (well, for myself haha) - braces off next month! :D
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