Blissful thoughts

F21 slouchy shirt, Talula lace bra

Beautiful, warm weather today which lightened up my gloomy mood. Is it normal for me to be feeling stressed on the fourth day of lectures since second semester began? Been spending my breaks between classes at the library, trying to get ahead before things roughen up - definitely glad that I took a course over the Summer to ease my load this semester so I can focus on the other four.

Photos of the oatmeal cookies that my housemate made that feels like they have been on my laptop for awhile now so I'm finally posting them - they were delish btw (and I stole her recipe so I can make it .. eventually!). Been craving for sweets like crazy lately and I've been meaning to try out Marble Slab, but I haven't gotten the chance to do that yet. In the mean time, I'll probably grab some DQ from a location close by (strawberry cheesequake or banana cream pie, nomnomnom). Meaningless post, sorry darlings - nothing new and interesting going on in my life, unfortunately.