Sweet memories of us

Community bustier top, F21 skirt, scarf, and accessories, Aldo shoes

A few days left until Christmas and the New Years. It's Christmas eve and I will be spending it with my boyfriend cooking, baking, and exchanging gifts. Such a lovely winter break this year without the stress of seasonal work for once, which means more time for the family, friends, and him. Wonder if it will be a White Christmas. Snowflakes falling, kids running around and making snow angels, tongues touching the flakes as they melt on you. I miss being a kid - life was so carefree. Definitely needed some time away from all the emotional breakdowns resulting from school. Hopefully second semester in 2010 will be slightly better. Anticipating a better year ahead, though it wasn't so bad this year. Never have I been so excited for the Christmas holidays - this year was a different one. Never awaited for this time of the year simply because my family doesn't celebrate Christmas - yeah, no Christmas tree or presents whatsoever. But the Christmas gatherings with the girls and the boyfriend is doubtlessly something to look forward to. I hope everyone has a darling Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!